Burgundy is the focus of our attention

Our winery puts its focus primarily on burgundy grape varieties, which are planted on more than 90% of our vineyards (65% Pinot Noir, 15% Pinot Madeleine, 10 % Pinot blanc and Pinot gris). With 4 hectares, we are amongst the largest Pinot Madeleine producers worldwide.

Sustainable Cultivation

While working in the vineyards we place most value in a very natural, sustainable cultivation. We exclusively use organic fertilizer and completely avoid using insecticedes and botrycides. Furthermore, we sow greenery such as grain legumes in our vineyards to support the development of humus and to prevent ground erosion.

Class instead of mass

To ensure the best quality possible, in most of our vineyards the clusters of grapes are halved. The vineyards are maintainend according to newest standards and the grapes are harvested manually and selectively by professionals.

Regional Connectivity

We maintain our close relationship to our home region in the cellar by having high quality barrels made from oak trees from our region. These oaks have been quality screened and selected by a forest official, the cooper and our cellarmaster.