Our wine series

Our basic wines

Our litre wines are light, fruity table wines. They are perfectly suitable for easy, delightful enjoyment and contain alohol at a moderate level.

Storage potential: up to four years

Our classics-varietal wines

Most of our wines of higher quality are varietal wines which perfectly capture the typical character of the particular variety and our region. Our assortment includes fresh, fruity white and rosé wines as well as fine red wines.

Storage potential: two to six years

Our Jubilus®

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary in 2002, we created a red and a white jubilee wine and called it “Jubilus”. Our customers liked these wines so much we made the Jubilus a permanent part of our assortment. Today, only wines from our winery Kriechel are allowed to be named „Jubilus“.

Our Selection wines -S-

„S“ is our internal designation we use for selection wines. The basis for high levels of quality is already established in the vineyard by reducing the quantity of our harvest. The grape vines which produce the grapes for our full-bodied S- wines are at least 15 years old. The wines are cultivated classically and are at least of Spätlese (late harvest/vintage) quality.

Our premium wines -B-

„B“ stands for the cultivation in small 220 litre barrique barrels and 1300 litre barrels made of oak. Our -B- class Pinot Noir and Pinot Madeleine wines ripen in our unique Ahr-oak barrels, bringin 100% of the character of out terroir into the bottle. They are strong, full-bodied premium wines with an outstanding price enjoyment ratio. These wines can easily keep up with international competition.

Storage potential: at least ten years

Our iconic wines

Best vineyards and Goldkapsel wines

We only use those terms for our best wines, which are made from grapes grown in the best and most special vineyards of our region.

The best conditions for maturing world-class wines are provided in our steep and terraced slopes. Each of these wines reflects the specific terroir of the vineyard in which they have grown. They distinguish themselves through their particular complexitiy, their elegance and their very distinctive fruit.

Storage potential: at least ten years