Grape Varieties

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the most cultivated red wine grape of the Ahr. It is often used to make Weißherbst or the very popular Blanc de Noir, which is white wine white wine made from red Pinot Noir grapes. Climatically, the steep slopes of the Ahr and the slate grounds compose perfect conditions for this variety which is why more than 60% of our total vineyard area are planted with it.

Pinot Gris

This member of the Burgundy family originates from a mutation of Pinot Noir, It can be identified by the colouring of the grape skins once the grapes reach full maturity. This tint is the reason for its german name Grauburgunder. For a long time, this grape was called Ruländer in Germany after its discoverer, Professor Ruland. This grape variety has been cultivated in the Ahr valley for a long time. The oldest Pinot Gris vines of our winery were planted in the seventies.

Pinot Madeleine

This rare and early-ripening brother of Pinot Noir has enjoyed increasing popularity among wine drinkers over the last few years. The wines made from this particular specialty of the Ahr are vibrantly colored, full-bodied, velvety red wines with very low harmonious acid. More than 4 ha of our total vineyard area are planted with this rarity, making our winery the largest private producer of Pinot Madeleine world-wide. Due to its low harvest quantities, many winerys chose not to cultivate this variety, leading to its near extinction in the seventies. The slow food organisation has nominated Pinot Madeleine to be a specialty of the Ahr and a grape variety worthy of preservation. We have been cultivating our own clone of this specialty since 2010.

Pinot blanc

This early bloomer ripens early also ripens early and prefers warm habitats. Our winery has been cultivating this variety since the nineties and by now it has become a very popular grape in the Ahr valley with steadily increasing demands.

Next to our main grape varieties Pinot Noir and Pinot Madeleine we also cultivate other red varieties such as: Pinot Meunier, Regent, Domina, Merlot, Portugieser and the white varieties Chardonnay, Pinot gris, Pinot
blanc, Riesling, Rivaner, Kerner und Würzer.